iDr Research

We are project partners in national and international funded research projects, and take part in research calls in these two areas:

  • Design Research, development of research methods and techniques for  Universal Design and user centetred design processes. 
  • User centered development and strategies for information- and communication technologies (ICT) and built environment, smart systems. 

Additional to the above areas we gained knowloedge over the years on how to bring in, plan and manage design topics in funded projects.

The research findings are transformed into lectures for universities and workshops for industrie. The key topics are:

  • User Experience Design and Scenario Based Design
  • Interaction Design and Tangible Computing
  • User centered development combined with rapid Prototyping
  • Experimental design methods for evaluation and univeral design

Here are our recent research projects: FX Future Mobility, Study for designforall and Vienna. More to come soon.

Foto zum FX-DesignGuide2021-OutNow